21 people with really insane face tattoos

1. His son's face tattoed on his own face is a nice tribute, unfortunately, we can call this one a fail, as for the second guy, we can say that he's not being very discreet

Whether we like tattos or not, we must admit that sometimes, some of us go a little bit overboard and don't give a second thought before getting a monstruosity tattoed. It wouldn't be a problem if they did it on a hidden spot, but the 21 people in this gallery have decided to put their "chef d'oeuvre" right on their face! Let's bet their boss won't be really glad about it! A tatto is for life so before getting your favorite singer's name inked, make sure you'll stay a fan forever. If you ever want to pay a tribute to your son by getting his face tattoed on your cheek, make sure your tatto artist is, well, a real artist.


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